Interview Etiquette

19 December, 2016
Jasmine Sherman

Interview Etiquette

19 December, 2016

When you’ve had little experience in interviews it can feel like a bit of a minefield. We’ve put together a list of do’s and don’ts that often get forgotten- or aren’t known at all- so you can come across in the best light possible. 


  • Fidget: This includes playing with your hair, readjusting your clothing or constantly shifting around in your chair. By no means sit stock-still and do effectively use body language to show you’re engaged and help you express yourself- just don’t get too carried away or give away any nervous habits. Being aware of how you’re coming across is key here!
  • Talk over or interrupt your interviewer: We know you’re eager to say as much as possible whilst in your interview but there’s certainly a right way and a wrong way of doing that. You might be thinking it’s just simple courtesy to not cut people off, it often gets forgotten when you’re in interview situation. There will be always time at the end to ask questions or add in anything you’d like them to know.
  • Arrive too early: This is a classic and far too common mistake. Arriving twenty minutes early might seem like a great way to show you have good time management but it’ll simply be inconvenient and put pressure on your interviewers. This is particularly important in Start-ups when the offices are often very small and you might not have a place very separate to the office to wait- and getting in the way isn’t the best first impression!


  • Try to establish mutual ground: The best way to do this is to have a look at their LinkedIn. Whether it’s a mutual connection, university or group, it’s a great way of making a connection and making yourself more memorable post-interview.
  • Be honest: Not only about your experience and skills but also about whether you’re genuinely interested in the position. If you get there and it becomes apparent the role isn’t what you’re after, don’t just keep yourself in the process for the sake of maybe getting it if it’s not what you want. Other opportunities will come along!
  • Ask for clarification if you don’t understand a question: Don’t be afraid to ask for clarification during your interview. If you just try answering a question and you’re unsure how you're expected to answer it, you’ll end up wasting both your and their time.
  • Thank your interviewer: A follow-up email, thanking your interviewer for their time is a great way to leave a good final impression and bring you back to the interviewer’s mind post-interview. Keep it to-the-point and polite, and most importantly be genuine!

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