How To Write A Professional Email

25 April, 2016
Jasmine Sherman

How To Write A Professional Email

25 April, 2016
How To Write A Professional Email blog
Being able to put together a well written email is important in today’s electronic world. Whether you’re looking for a job, trying to sign new business or overseeing a multi-national merger, you need to be able to write polite and concise emails. It’s something that can seem so simple but it’s surprising how many get it wrong.

So here are a few do’s and don’ts for putting together that perfect email…


  • Start your emails with ‘Dear’ – if the person you are contacting then responds with ‘Hi’ or ‘Good Morning’ you should mirror them – this kicks your correspondence off to a great start!
  • Double check the name of the person you are contacting – receiving emails where the wrong name has been used is never good– it comes across unprofessional. (TOP TIP: if you have used the wrong name send a quick follow up email that corrects your mistake).
  • Keep your emails brief – this isn’t your dissertation! – more often than not the people you are contacting are busy people, a long email from an unknown sender can often be put off until later, so if you want a quick response write a quick email.
  • Use bulletpoints – they keep your emails short and less cluttered – this follows on from the previous point, bulletpoints are your greatest ally in the battle to keep your emails concise.
  • Say something nice – this makes an email personal and will engage your reader – something like ‘I hope you’re well’ is fine, and again keep it brief!
  • Sign off your emails with ‘Kind Regards’ – this should be the go-to sign off for any professional correspondence – it may sound strange (who says that in real life?!) but it is by far the most professional sign. Like the first point you can begin to mirror the person you are contacting but for the first email always play it safe.
  • Check your spelling – this goes without saying – the odd spelling mistake can go unnoticed but it’s not worth the risk, always double check.


  • Ever start your emails with ‘Hey’, ‘Hi’, ‘Hello’ or ‘What’s up’ – this isn’t Facebook – keep it professional you will reap the rewards down the line.
  • Use a prefix like ‘Mr’, ‘Ms, ‘Miss’, ‘Mrs’ – this can cause upset particularly if you are contacting a ‘Dr’ – it’s not worth doing this as it immediately puts you in a vulnerable position.
  • Write more than three sentences per paragraph – keep it brief – if you can’t write what you are trying to say in three sentences then it is probably worth picking up the phone.
  • Write everything on one line – space is essential – this makes emails a lot easier to read.
  • Use abbreviations – they can be confusing – keep it simple and avoid them.
  • End your email with your nickname – who calls you ‘Big Fred’ anymore anyway?! – this should be obvious but it has been known! It’s always worth using your full name, particularly when contacting a recruiter as they’ll be checking your name against a database.

Well there you have some pointers. You should now have all the tips and tricks for putting together a professional email.



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