How Using Tinder Could Help You Get A Graduate Job

24 August, 2016

Kudos, bravo and well played to Tinder for bringing the once-closeted-act of using the Internet to find love into the norm. Better yet, we couldn’t help but notice (being the recruiters that we are) the almost perfect comparison this type of search for love has with the search for a graduate job. Not convinced? Hear us out…

Everyone talks about how first dates are basically incredibly personal, in-depth interviews, something exaggerated even further when it comes to the almost blind date scenario the likes of Tinder brings about. On the whole though, students are far more comfortable with the thought of putting themselves out there on a date than at a job interview and we’re here to try to persuade you to apply the same attitude to help you find that perfect (job) match!

Dress Code – Embrace your desire to impress ‘at first sight’

Avoid the 15-minute panic prior to leaving the house for your date/interview. You’re already nervous about the situation: giving off an air of confidence (not cockiness) is vital, and you’re more likely to do so if you feel comfortable in what you’re wearing.

Taking into account the environment you’re going into is a must: wine bar vs. pub; cocktail bar vs. alternative hippy joint… Start-up vs. large corporate; ‘cool’ creative agency vs. boutique strategy consultancy. Know your stage.

Travel Time – “Fail to plan, plan to fail” (Sir W Churchill)

Don’t be late! You absolutely do not want to start off on a bad impression. Time management is crucial in the working world, and no one likes a flaky date.

Try to reduce the risk of arriving flustered, red-faced, and dripping with sweat… Make sure you’ve researched how to get to the location and how long it will take.

Know Your Audience – There’s nothing wrong with a bit of responsible pre-stalking

We always suggest that you Google and/or look up your interviewer on LinkedIn beforehand: this gives you an idea of their background, allows you to discover any links that could be potential material for building rapport, and means that you’ll know what they look like beforehand (this is a serious necessity in order to avoid the awkward “are…are…are you Jenny?”)

Please note: we would not recommend LinkedIn as your preferred social network platform when assessing a date. It could prove awkward to explain why you were researching their academic and work experience background before deciding if they were worth a shot.

Know your USP’s – Pick 2-3 of your key selling points

Chances are, if you think that those are the top selling points of why you’re great, you’ll be wanting your potential partner or future company to appreciate them too!

Always prepare for the interview question of ‘why you?’ But remember, they might not ask you directly so you must be prepared to get across that information throughout conversation, by continuously drawing on your USPs to substantiate your points (i.e. much more like a first date conversation).

E.g. Talk about your education and career (pick me, I’m successful and driven!), your love of wine bars and tapas (look at me, I’m incredibly sophisticated and fun!), your backpacking travel experiences (I’m so 21st century, independent and aware of different cultures!) The list goes on…

But remember: Be yourself! If you force it or pretend to be someone you’re not, it’s ultimately not going to be the right match.

ALWAYS Prepare Questions to Ask  – you need to show genuine interest

This is vital: never reply with ‘no, I think we’ve covered everything’ when asked if you have any questions at the end of an interview.

Ask questions to show you’re serious about figuring out if the job and company (or the person sitting in front of you) is a potential match for you and your future.

Think about what’s most important to you in order to assess if it’s worth you progressing to interview/date number 2: Progression & development opportunities; the office culture... Whether your date is looking for something serious or casual... Again, the list goes on.

Selling Yourself on Paper vs. Face to Face – nailing your CV and dating profile

Short & sweet– scrutinise it and ask yourself for everything on there, ‘Does this point make me stand out as the perfect match?’ Always aim for that swipe right.

Practice Makes Perfect – don’t get disheartened

The more you do it, the more confident you get. You might not have prepared for a classic question like ‘Why should I hire you?’ or ‘If you were a cheese, what type would you be and why?’, but hey, you’ll never forget to again!

Sometimes it’s just not the right match! Move on, focus on the next one, and take into consideration why it didn’t quite work out the time before.

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