If Applying For Jobs Were Like Baking A Cake…

11 April, 2016

If Applying For Jobs Were Like Baking A Cake…

11 April, 2016
The ingredients to a corporate graduate scheme application:

125g academic results
175g extra-curricular experience
350g determination
10 – 15 large drops of your blood, sweat and tears
An enormous dollop of luck

Mix it all up in a blender and you’ve got yourself a tiny chance of fighting off the thousands of other graduates all using the same recipe to get on the same graduate scheme. Let’s face it, if this recipe was on GBBO, Mary Berry would likely tell you to bring your boring, slightly dry Victoria sponge cake into the 21st Century and give it a good modern twist. She wants to see personal flare, excitement and fun!

Much like baking, the world is changing and careers are thankfully changing with it. Thousands of professionals are escaping the corporate world in the search for more. More excitement, more fulfilment, more social impact and more fun. In other words, people are no longer willing to settle for slightly dry cake just because it fills a hole in their stomach. We are a generation of travellers, with social consciences. We are a generation who grew up with the internet, mobile phones and social media. We are a generation who no longer just focus on getting a 9-5 with life-long job security. Do you want your professional existence to be based on being a cog in a large corporate machine making money for rich shareholders? No? We didn’t think so. We are a generation who believe in better.

The credit crunch shook everybody up. The public lost faith in the banks, many people lost their jobs. The post-recession era has provided an environment for businessmen and businesswomen to flourish. The government pushed for ‘enterprise led’ recovery and 2014 saw more new businesses registered with Companies House than ever before. The number was 581,173 to be precise, that’s more than one new business every minute! These post-economic crisis Start-ups have had a few years to expand and lucky for us graduates, they’re now growing fast and recruiting rapidly! Forget graduate schemes in the City with 80-hour work weeks and beds in the office.  The offices we want to work at have ping pong tables instead.

We’re entering the world of work at a time where new attitudes have transformed the way we think about our careers. The modern Start-up allows you to come to work in your new snazzy trainers, bring your personality to the office and your ideas to the table…you might even end up sitting next to the CEO.  Working at a Start-up or SME allows you to live in an energetic, contagious and entrepreneurial environment. Don’t get us wrong, it’s hard work – really hard sometimes – but we’re sure going to have fun doing it.

So live your own life, create your own path and choose a job that’s suited to you. The corporate bubble has burst. Be free to create your own contemporary post-university recipe, just remember to add plenty of flare, excitement and fun…after all, life’s pretty boring without it!

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