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Legal Services: Industry Report


About the report:

This report is a snapshot of the hiring landscape across the legal services industry. Law firms are now needing to recruit a broader range of skills outside of straight law. Therefore it is essential for these businesses to have a comprehensive and up to date understanding of the hiring trends, recruitment regulatory developments and changes in both skills and motivations so that they can compete for talent and stay ahead of the curve.

The report opens with an exclusive foreword from Ben Buckton, Group Chief Operating Officer at Ampa, and will provide insight into:

  • Talent Shifts: which firms have hired the most Partners in the last year and which have lost the most Partners
  • The ones to watch - which firms are winning awards
  • The top non-legal skills that law firms are hiring for now
  • Which firms are growing the fastest

More insights from Ben Buckton, COO at Ampa

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*Data is correct as of December 23. Data is taken from multiple sources and is focussed on the UK.