5 Ways To Spend Your Time (Not Job Hunting!)

27 October, 2016

Why spend valuable time applying to graduate jobs and schemes in first -or even second- term when there’s so many other things you could be doing with that time? Here’s a rundown of some of the best activities you could take up to fill that time productively...

1. Focus on your studies. The closer you get to the end of your studies, the more important it becomes to get your head in the game and work hard. Our aim here is not to freak you out but just remind you that this is your priority in your final year and other things, especially finding a graduate job, can wait. You don't want to be looking back after graduation wishing you'd just worked that little bit harder and hit that higher grade boundary!

2. Volunteer. If you are finding you have time on your hands- contact hours do tend to reduce, even if work load increases!- why not invest that time in a worthy cause? You’ll find no end of volunteering opportunities to take part in at university. Student Unions are usually your go-to for finding them. It won't be a bad addition to the CV either!

3. Learn a new skill. We’ve all been there, saying how much we’d love to learn a certain skill but despite having all the means to learn it, we just never get round to actually doing it. Uni is a goldmine of resources for learning a new things so maybe it’s time to finally pull your socks up and get to it. How about learning how to code or first aid? Save some money on bike repairs and learn to fix your own! Or make the most of the international community at university and learn a new language?

4. Join a society. Even in your last year at university it’s never too late to join a society. The connections you make at university can not only turn into lifelong friends but some can end up being really beneficial in the future. The bigger your networks at university the higher the chance of them coming in useful in later years.

5. Enjoy your final year! It’s your last year at university, you’ve worked hard and you deserve to enjoy yourself too. Although we don’t buy into the ethos that university is the best years of your life- it definitely keeps getting better after graduation!- it’s still pretty great and with so many opportunities and experiences available, should be made the most of. Make sure you take the time to unwind and get up to those typical student antics, you’ll be sure to miss it when you’ve left!

REMEMBER: Grad Schemes aren't the only option and if you don't feel ready to apply for jobs and schemes in your final year, you don't have to!

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