No Grad Scheme? No Worries!

17 January, 2017

Being a recruitment agency, we connect tonnes of bright graduates with exciting businesses in London and across the country. If you’re a little confused about your future career or don’t find the grad scheme route (of being a small fish in a big pond) that appealing, we’re here to help.

Not convinced? Here’s 8 reasons why you should get on board...

1. It’s Completely Free- We don’t charge our graduates. Ever. For anything. Make sense? Great. Next point…

2. We Have Opportunities You Might Never Have Considered- Start-ups are rarely the first thing grads think of when they're considering post-university employment. But they're where it’s at these days. Fast growing, awesome cultures and super quick progression. It’s likely that a grad joining a Start-up will be a manager within a year. We also work in every sector.

3. Got Itchy Feet? You Should Probably Go Travelling- We appreciate that young people want to explore the world before getting a career and adopting absurd vocabulary such as ‘mortgage’ or ‘pension’. In fact - we encourage it! Get out and go places. We promise we’ll still be here when you’re back.

4. Internships & Grad Jobs- We’re not just here for grad roles. We have a whole host of internships too! Our Summer Internship Programme in particular caters for any of you first and second years wanting to get some experience under your belt.

5. Immediate Starts- Because of the nature of Start-ups: fast growing, expanding, exciting (can you tell we love them?) they're often looking for grads to start there and then. Most of the time, when a graduate signs up, we’ll have them off to interview that week!

6. We’re a Friendly Bunch- Our Company was started by two Cambridge graduates in 2011. They were a little tired with the opportunities out there and how negative the response was to passionate grads with drive and ambition. So we’re a team of young whippersnappers bent on one thing- helping you find your dream opportunity.

7. Your Voice Will Be Heard- We will not put you forward for anything you’re not keen on. We value our fantastic ethics as a company and won’t force you into any jobs that aren’t relevant to your overall aims and development.

8. The Process is Quick, Easy and Foolproof- Fill in the form detailing your preferences, upload your CV and voilà! You will have access to the hundreds of vacancies we have available. Equally, as you’re now on the system, our smiley consultants will pick up the phone and give you a ring if a new role comes in that you’re suited for. So sit back and relax. We'll do all the work for you.

Why are you waiting? Get online and register with us today.

We can’t wait to have you on board.

Know someone looking for a graduate job? Refer them to us and if they get a job through us, you'll get £100!

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