5 Simple Solutions to Improve Diversity

This blog outlines 5 solutions to improve diversity in your organisation. These are key takeaways from an event with HR Directors.


You might be here because you just read 5 Barriers to a Diversity Strategy, and now you want answers! Well, you are in the right place. We have pulled together 5 solutions to improve diversity in your organisation. These are key takeaways from a recent event, part of the Agents for Change in the Modern Workforce series. Insight from 22 Industry HR Directors and execs, featuring keynote speaker Joan Moore, Head of Early Talent Recruitment from Accenture.

The executives offered many practical and actionable ways to build diversity into their strategy.


Internal champions and sponsors

The group agreed that champions for diversity should be appointed within the business. “People who can bang the drum.” Another mentioned it was key for diversity to be written into job descriptions and employee targets.

Unconscious Bias Training & Blind screening

Blind screening, where hiring decisions have been made on psychometric and personality tests rather than CVs, is a great way to remove bias from the recruitment process. This has allowed companies to hit their diversity targets. Unconscious bias training is also very important for all recruiters and staff and is of growing focus in many organisations.

Speaking in their language

When it comes to getting board buy-in, the board’s top priority is of a commercial nature; therefore, the execs stressed the need to talk in their language when discussing diversity. Using data and facts are important. One participant added that the message needs to come from a position of risk. The risk of NOT having a diversity policy, for example through the National Risk Register.

Matching Referrals

Nepotism, as mentioned in our previous blog, (5 Barriers to a Diversity Strategy) is a common barrier to diversity. It was largely agreed that for every nepotistic referral, a position should be opened to a wider and diverse pool of candidates.

Collaboration and sharing across industries  

Those companies who are ahead of curve should share best practice and advice on how to implement diversity policy. Sharing videos, infographics and documentation of practical ideas can go a long way. “We need to see the bigger picture.” Sharing the evidence and human story element behind it will always resonate.

And to end with a key comment from Joan Moore, “Be the one who asks awkward questions, it starts with everyone, not just the board.”

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