Simon-Kucher & Partners Case Study
Simon Kucher & Partners

How Instant Impact reduced recruitment spend by 35% and agency use to 14% in 1 year


Our Directors will work with you to design and execute your recruitment strategy:

Make quality hires:

Improve employer brand, candidate attraction and your assessment process

Reduce costs

Minimise your recruitment agency usage and make at least 80% of your hires directly

Save time

Ensure that Hiring Managers only meet the very best candidates for their roles

Hire quickly

Deliver a high quality and effective process and automate manual tasks

Improve diversity

Implement a best practice approach to attracting and assessing under-represented candidates

Take control

Work towards clearly defined objectives and provide the reporting the business needs


Your in-house recruitment function

A Part-time Recruitment Director with experience leading global recruitment functions will have ultimate responsibility for your hiring and will manage the team to ensure high performance.

A Recruitment Business Partner an experienced recruiter, highly trained in our methodology, will lead the day-to-day execution of your hiring working from your office (where possible).

Additional Recruiters will provide the flexibility to increase your recruitment function to meet hiring peaks without having to engage expensive agencies.