London Living: 12 Types of People You Meet On The Tube

5 June, 2014
Hannah Neocleous

London Living: 12 Types of People You Meet On The Tube

5 June, 2014
1. The one with anger management issues

mental illness mental health gif

They never seem to understand that stamping their feet and screaming ‘move down’ until they’re blue in the face won’t create more room. Where do you want me to sit? On someone’s head?

2. The one who’s had a little too much to drink

steve carell the office gif

Well there’s no harm in being a little merry but not everyone wants to ‘clap along’ to Pharrell Williams or join in a sing song.

3. The one who falls asleep and wakes themselves up with their snoring

falls asleep wakes up gif

Now that’s funny. Bonus if you get dribbling added in for extra lols.

4. The one who smiles creepily at everyone and everything

jaime lannister creepy hello gif

Anyone who’s encountered this type of guy knows to change carriage ASAP.

 5. The one who stinks the carriage out with fast food

food is life spongebob gif

Well I definitely planned on smelling like eau de southern fried chicken before my date this evening!

 6. The one who can’t seem to stay standing when the train moves

long jump track faceplant gif

Hold on! It saves a lot of embarrassment from flying down the corridor and accidentally groping someone as they try to steady themselves…

 7. The one with the over sized luggage

thrift shop thrif shop gif

Suddenly getting off at the next stop becomes an adrenaline filled obstacle course as you race against the closing doors.

 8. The one who sneaks in and steals your seat

sneaking crawling gif

You’re having eye contact wars with the lady opposite when out of NOWHERE a sneaky ninja like passenger scoots under your arm and into the empty seat. Dammit.

 9. The one with the Bubonic Plague

lucy thinks ricky is trying to murder her gif

Over their splutters and cough you spend ages antagonising over how to subtly cover your mouth and reach for the hand sanitizer so you too don’t catch The Black Death.

 10. The one who’s glued to her boyfriend’s face

why was i born so awkward gif

PDA overload. Tongues too? Excuse me while I lean over you to throw up.

 10. The one with kids wreaking havoc

spongebob squarepants excited gif

And suddenly the Victoria line has become a jungle gym! Why don’t we all get involved and play monkey bars instead of getting kicked in the face.

 12. The one who screams out their life story

im an emotional mess goodbye gossip girl gif

I’m sure it is a crying shame that ‘Babs is no longer with Mick.’ But if I wanted some drama I would have stayed in to watch Jerry Springer, not travelled across London to listen in on your conversation.


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