6 things to consider before outsourcing your recruitment


Recruitment has a bad rep: it’s expensive, time consuming and sometimes you just don’t know who to trust. That is why the idea of entirely outsourcing your recruitment function can be too much for some businesses to consider. Many feel that too much risk is involved and shut it off as an option before exploring it properly.

The truth is that for certain businesses, outsourcing recruitment can be the perfect solution but it’s important to delve deeper into whether the RPO model is the right fit for you first.

If it is something that you are considering, we thought we would save you some time and reveal what we ask businesses who are open to this recruitment model:

1. Identify what your specific recruitment challenges are and determine whether you have the resources and skill set internally to address these challenges. For example, is there a recruitment skill set senior in HR who could become your Recruitment Director?
2. Is recruitment distracting you from other business objectives? If the answer is yes then this is a key indicator that something needs to change. Recruitment is important to get right but not at the expense of other business objectives so it may be time to look at other ways of hiring top talent.
3. Do you have other objectives that are directly linked to your hiring plans such as improving diversity, opening in a new geography, or advancing the standard of reporting? If so, this then becomes a more complex project and one which could benefit from the expertise of an external RPO business who have experience in advanced reporting and DE&I. If you’re looking for some actionable insights that you can act on immediately then check out our diversity hub or read our article to find out what the must have recruitment technology is.
4. Have you found someone you can trust with such an important business process? The right partner will feel like an extension of your team and involve you in all key areas of recruitment strategy. There won't be any nasty surprises or hidden fees as can be found working with some of the more outdated RPO and recruitment companies.
5. Are you worried about ever rising agency costs in today's competitive market? If so this could be a good time to consider an RPO in order to hire top talent with speed without spending a fortune. We advise that RPO is best for companies making at least 30 hires per year.
6. Are you ready to allow an RPO to embed themselves in your business? From our experience this is key to the success of the RPO - it is essential that the recruiters who are working on behalf of your company have a good understanding of your values and company culture so that they can be as informative as possible when interviewing candidates, ensuring they fit with your values.

In summary, when your recruitment gets to a certain degree of complexity, RPO can be really beneficial and we would definitely recommend exploring this option.

At Instant Impact, we’re reinventing outdated recruitment and RPO models by taking a truly people-focused approach. We work as part of your team to transform your hiring, saving you time, frustration and wasted money. There are no hidden costs or annoying surprises.

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