14 Times Working In An Office Was Super Awkward

20 November, 2014

14 Times Working In An Office Was Super Awkward

20 November, 2014
When you spend 8 hours a day 5 days a week in the same room as the same bunch of people things can get prettttttty awkward from time to time...

When you find someone from your team on Tinder...

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Getting caught taking Snapchat selfies by your boss... 

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Having to make awkward  small talk with someone from another office because you both need the microwave at the same time...

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When you accidentally rip your headphones out of the jack and the whole office hears  your Disney  playlist!

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Getting lunch all over your white shirt and having to wear it for the rest of the day.

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Getting too drunk at a work social and telling your colleagues your deepest darkest secrets. 

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Getting too drunk at the work social and crying on your colleagues.

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Getting drunk AND emotional at the work social and telling everyone you work with how much you love them.

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Sending passive aggressive emails because you’re having a shit day and then having to apologise.

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Being caught looking at things which are not work.

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Being so hungover that you cannot possibly disguise it. 

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Having to pretend you’re grateful when a colleague who’s worked there longer than you gives you patronising advice.

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When you wake up from a day dream and realise you've been eyeballing someone on the other side of the office for a good 5 minutes. 

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Having highly inappropriate conversations with your office bestie when you thought no one was listening, BUT THEY WERE

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