The 8 Things You Become Moving To London

27 May, 2015
Hannah Neocleous

The 8 Things You Become Moving To London

27 May, 2015
A Tube Ninja

Elbows are your new weapon of choice as you stealthily slide through the thinnest of gaps and defiantly slip into the smallest of nooks and crannies to reach your rush hour goal.

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A Bruncher

It’s the ideal time of day between being so hungover you want to kill yourself and ridiculously sloshed so you can’t talk. When else better to fit in some delightful eggs benedict?

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A Tourist Terrifier

You will no longer think twice to aggressively scream at daydreaming souls on the right hand side of the escalator.

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Rent, food, travel. You can pretty much forget about anything else. Apart from cocktails. The budget always magically stretches to cater for cocktails.

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Non-Londoners will be in awe of you as you tackle life and the risk of mugging in the capital. Forget about this label if you haven’t yet ventured near Shoreditch.

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A Weight Lifter

Don’t worry, the bicep burn will become a familiar sensation as you bulk up in the attempt to transport the most basic of food stuffs back to your flat.

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Cold and wet

The sun is so often shining harmoniously through the window as you dress all summery for work. Cue the terrific 2pm thunderstorm that will leaves you with goose pimples, dripping at the whiskers as the reality of after-work pimms on the Thames becomes a distant dream…

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Even after 17 cookies and 3 buns you will still find yourself inappropriately hungry as you sit at your desk waiting for the next colleague to head to the shop to contribute to the snack pile…

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