Start-ups Aren’t Just For Tech-Lovers

7 June, 2016

Start-ups Aren’t Just For Tech-Lovers

7 June, 2016
Do you love the idea of working at a Start-up but don’t know your Java from your HTML? Lots of people think that small companies only ever want to hire web developers, but actually there are a whole host of jobs at Start-up & Scale-up businesses for non-techy people. After all, an amazing app or great web platform won’t get very far without someone to promote it, sell it or manage it.

So if you’re keen to get a bit of the Start-up life (and let’s face it, who isn’t?), then why not try out one of the following:


Marketing is absolutely essential for pretty much every company, regardless of their industry, age or size. In fact, Start-ups & Scale-ups are often challenger brands, meaning they have to go up against some well-known names in their industry and there’s no way they’d succeed without effective Marketing.

Working in Marketing at a Start-up is particularly exciting as, rather than being involved in a very specific area like Competitor Research, Customer Insight or Data Analysis, you’ll need to get stuck in across the board. Chances are, you’ll be able to make your mark on Branding & Design, Social Media, and Content Writing to name just a few! Plus, Start-up career progression is very swift, meaning you could quickly find yourself in a position where you’re defining Marketing Strategy for the entire company.

Check out our current what Business Development actually is, but essentially it lies somewhere between Sales & Marketing. Obviously, the one thing that will lead to success for most businesses is making strategic, scalable sales of the company’s product or service, and that is exactly what Business Development sets out to do.

In this role, you’d be identifying new channels for customer acquisition, selling directly to businesses and setting up corporate partnerships. The main aim would be to dramatically increase the distribution of the company’s products and increase overall brand awareness.

Office Management

This is one you may well not have thought of before but, once a Start-up gets slightly more established, they soon need an Office Manager. This is an incredibly varied role, with every day offering up something different. The responsibilities of an Office Manager include elements of both Operations and HR, and they are essentially responsible for facilitating the smooth running of the company. At Start-ups especially, Office Managers are instrumental in reducing the pain points that can occur when a company goes through rapid expansion!

If you are highly organised, a logical thinker and love working closely with others, then this could be a great role for you.

Hopefully that’s given you a little more clarity on what these roles entail and convinced you that you don’t need to be a computing whizz to work at a Start-up. And who knows, you might just sharpen up your tech skills along the way, too!

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